"Avshar Prod" LTD

Avshar cannery with the brand "Avshar prod" was founded in 2008. The factory is located in the Ararat valley where the best fruits and vegetables of the Republic of Armenia.

"Avshar Prod" Ltd. produces more than 40 types of canned products such as jams, fruit conserves, snacks, pickled vegetables, tomato paste, fruit juices and fruit compots.

In a short time the company became more successful, thanks to modern equipments, new technologies and leading specialists. In company use only environmentally friendly raw materials and original recipes, so as the company manages to maintain the taste and aroma of Armenian fruits and vegetables. One of the main objectives of the company is to that ensure the production of the proposed consumer product safety and high standards of hygiene. We have stepped the structure of supervision over the quality which covers all production stages from receiving raw material to selling. Through all this, the company has achieved great success, increasing exports and production of goods every year.